A new era in comfort for all four seasons.

Endlessly pushing forward.

We, at Shirasagi knit, have been creating cutting edge innerwear at reasonable prices for a half century.
We will continue to provide warmer, cooler, more comfortable innerwear to meet our customer's needs.
This is our mission.

Endlessly pushing forward.

We, at Shirasagi knit, have been creating cutting edge innerwear at reasonable prices for a half century. We will continue to provide warmer, cooler, more comfortable innerwear to meet our customer's needs. This is our mission.

You’ll feel so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

The best things in life go unnoticed ---- such as quality, breathable cotton and wool.
Let’s free ourselves from tightness and enjoy a comfortable life
with our long-sleeved shirt, tank-tops, sleeveless shirts, T-shirts, trunks and stomach bands.

We protect you from viruses, bacteria, allergens, smells, mosquitos and dryness.

We create your ideal clothes by using the latest in hybrid photocatalyst-supporting fiber and anti-mosquito processing.
Take the next step in comfort with innerwear that has a simple design, excellent results and is invisible to the eyes.

We produce the ideal innerwear in Himeji.

Shirasagi Knit Industry Co. Ltd. makes your dream clothes a reality.
We research and study the season, the environment and your lifestyle.
We adhere to the threads, knitting, function, processing, size, color and design to produce the innerwear along this concept.
It is simple, but comfortable and has a pleasant feel.

We plan, produce, sell and deliver by ourselves.


    Cut, sew, package

    • creation FACTORY IN CHINA

    Develop the threads, make the texture by knitting threads, dye the texture, cut, sew, embroider, package



    • design TOKYO BRANCH

    Design the products, packaging and website


    Manage the quality and inventory, package


Company nameSHIRASAGI Knit Industry Co., Ltd.
FoundedJune 1969
EstablishedApril 1970
RepresentativeRepresentative Director & President Kazumasa Miki
Capital50 million yen
Employees103 (as of April 2018)
SalesStand-alone 2.6 billion 60 million yen (April 2018 term)
Business ActivitiesManufacturing wholesale of inner wear and underwear
Planning/Developing/Manufacturing/Distributing of inner wear and underwear Clothing retail
Real estate leasing
Main Business PartnersSales contactAeon Group, Seven & I Group, Seiyu, lzumiya, Izumi, other domestic mass retailers
Supply sourceMitsubishi Chemical, Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion, Miyama, Kuroda Lace,
GSI Creos, other overseas factory (titles omitted, in no particular order)


Shanghai Office
Company NameShirasagi Garment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
FoundedOctober 2000
Capital100 million yen
ChairmanMasayoshi Miki
Qingdao Office
Company NameQingdao lmei Fashion International Trade Co., Ltd.
FoundedOctober 2005
Capital10 million yen
ChairmanLiu Wei
Affiliated Company Egret Co., Ltd.
Company NameEgret Co., Ltd.
FoundedJanuary 1988
Capital30 million yen
Business ActivitiesTrading business


Himeji Head OfficeHimeji Shirasagi Bld. 9F
3-12 Higashinobusue, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
670-0965, Japan
Tokyo BranchShirasagl Bld. 8F
3-12-4 Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
103-0025, Japan
Toyotomi Factory2429 Toyotomicho Toyotomi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
679-2123, Japan
Fukusaki Product Center908-1 Saiji, Fukusaki-cho Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo
679-2215, Japan
Retail DivisionPalette Shirasagi Bessho
Aeon Town Himeji Bessho SC
2-66 Besshocho Bessho, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
671-0221, Japan
Shanghai Office1225-12 Tongpu Lu Putao Ou
Shanghai, P.R.China
Qingdao OfficeH501 Room, South Bid. Digital Science Center, 63 Haier Road Laoshan District of Qingdao, China


Rakuten "KURASHI no HADAGI"https://www.rakuten.co.jp/skicl/
SUPER DELIVERYhttps://www.superdelivery.com


1970Established, Capital: 5.5 million yen
1981Capital increased to 40 million yen
Opened Product Center (currently Toyotomi Factory), Fukusaki Factory, Tokyo Office
1983Capital increased to 50 million yen
1984Opened Himeji Factory
1988Established overseas business affiliated company, Egret Co., Ltd.
1992Completed introduction of Toyota Sewing System to all factories
1993Purchased Tokyo Office company building
1994Opened Himeji Distribution Warehouse
1995Opened China Hangzhou Factory
Established Linyi Egret Knit Garment Co., Ltd. in Shandong, China
1996Opened Shanghai Office
2000Opened Fukusaki Distribution Center (Land: 18,150 ㎡ Building: 10,000 ㎡) Established Shirasagi Garment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai
2001Opened Retail Division
2002Purchased 10 story building in Nihonbashikayabacho, Tokyo. Moved Tokyo Branch
2007Purchased 10 story building south of Himeji Station. Opened Himeji Headquarters
2013Established Weifang Jinlu Fashion Co., Ltd. as a join venture in Anqiu, Shandong

We look for people who create value with curiosity.

Shirasagi Knit Industry Co. Ltd. is a manufacturing company that oversees production from conception to delivery.
We do the planning, designing, ordering of the thread, knitting, sewing, quality control, sales and delivering by ourselves.
We place experts in each section and they challenge themselves to create added value in our products with flexible ideas and solid techniques.
We welcome people with a lot of potential to keep creating more value and also promise to unite and co-operate.
“Remain a worthy vessel to create more value.”---- we look forward to applicants who identify with our slogan.

Our belief

  • "Getting excited" is the driving force for everything

    Kazumasa Miki
    Representative Director & President

    Creating that exciting feel is extremely important for us, because that is what defines the value of the com­pany. First, we as creators need to be excited. Once we create an exciting product, we can share that ex­citement with our customers. Working hours account for a big amount of our time in life. If we can enjoy those hours in any way, it will lead to a better quality of life. For us to become a good company, it is crucial for us to feel the excite­ment from within. This is our belief.

  • Build a relationship of trust to expand my work

    Sayaka Namba
    Planning and Sales Department / Tokyo branch

    I'm out of my office for about a half of the week. My job is route sales mainly. I’m focusing on building a relationship of trust with our customers. It makes my work be expanded, but it is relatively hard.In my office, I do clerical work like preparing business talk, arranging to send the products, and so on. As my job includes many different things, I am being careful with managing the schedule and doing my task efficiently.I hope to work with those who act and think themselves hard. People having a very patient personality are much better.

  • Developing materials on the basis of the sales planning

    Hiroshi Sugawara
    Development Department Director / Team leader of Sales Division

    I’m in charge of developing new fabric materials.At first glance every fabric material looks alike, but it’s slightly different. There are a lot of process like spinning, knitting, staining and so on until fibers become fabric. The combinations of where we get fibers from, what fibers we mix, and where we knit them, is infinite. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when we can make our ideal fabric along the use, design and cost.While I buckle down to develop new fabric, I go all over Japan as a sales staff.We welcome the people who can give anyone a proper greeting and are always energetic.

  • Recognizing the characteristics of shipped products

    Yusuke Kowaki
    Fukusaki Product Center / Staff

    Currently, I am in charge of unloading and shipping products at the distribution center. This is where all the Shirasagi products are sent out to all over Japan. Since making one mistake here can lead to much bigger problems, I work daily with a very strong feeling of responsibility. I would like to plan and sell my own products in the future. Working at the distribution center lets you distinctly recognize the characteristics of the products being shipped out seasonally. Being able to gain such knowledge in the field has been very productive for myself.

  • Link Our Achievement and Pride to the Future

    Motonori Horiguchi
    Toyotomi Factory / Factory Manager

    "Partial use of fabrics" has become a standard nowadays, and most companies employ this method. Actually, this was something Shi­rasagi familiarized about 20 years ago. We pride in these kinds of achievements, and we are always devoted to adding some extra value. The merit to owning a domestic factory is the speed of infor­mation distribution. We can quickly input the good, and quickly remove the bad. The "Made in Japan" brand itself is taken well by the consumers, and it allows us to produce with great care. We aspire daily to create products that are wanted by everybody.

  • To make manufacturing go along smoothly

    Hikaru Honma
    Distribution Team leader

    Our works start after product planning gains approval. Firstly, we request the designers to make specification of products. Then, we confirm the delivery date and quantity to the Sales Department and order our subcontract factories to make products. After that, we register the information of the products on the internal systems and order secondary materials like a hanger. Regarding the overseas production, we’re in charge of customs clearance. We manage the flow of manufacturing from order to receiving the products by collaborating with each department and relevant parties outside. Sometimes, we handle the planning and management of events like an exhibit.Our company entrust many works to people who have sense of responsibility and enthusiasm regardless of age or gender.

  • Becoming a company loved by all

    Kazuo Nakamoto
    Team leader of Sales Division

    We are set out to become a company that is loved by the people and the society. That does not mean just the customers who use our products. Our customers, our employees, our employees'families, clients, stakeholders, the community. We believe that sharing joy with everybody involved with our company is the path to creating a valuable future. We will give our upmost effort to being flexible with the changing envi­ronment, living out the future, and continue growing as a company.


We think that teamwork and sharing information is important and try to keep our office organized to work comfortably.
We look for people who have independence of mind and cooperativity.


- Recruitment staf:Miki and Koezuka at Administration Div.
- At a salary of 200,000 yen a month (depending on your experience)
- Added a commuting allowance and a managerial position allowance
- An opportunity for a pay raise and a promotion: once a year (May)
- Bonuses: twice a year (July and December)
- Workplaces:Himeji head office, Tokyo branch, Fukusaki Distribution center, Overseas factory
- Regular working hours: 8 hours a day
- Company Holiday:108 days and annual paid holiday
- Social security/insurance benefits included, retirement allowance system

Please apply using the form below

Recruitment staf:Miki and Koezuka at Administration Div.


Please call, email or use the form below regarding business, products and recruit.

Himeji head officeHimeji Shirasagi Bld. 9F, 3-12
Higashinobusue, Himeji-City, Hyogo, Japan, 670-0965
Tel: 079 225 8051 Fax: 050 3153 1099
  • Himeji Headquarters

    Himeji Shirasagi Bid. 9F
    3-12 Higashinobusue, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
    670-0965, Japan
    TEL:079-225-8051  FAX:050-3153-1099

  • Tokyo Branch

    Shirasagl Bid. 8F
    3-12-4 Nihombashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    103-0025, Japan
    TEL:03-5652-2821  FAX:050-3153-1099

  • Toyotomi Factory (Factory in Japan)

    2429 Toyotam,cho Toyotomi, Himej1-sh1, Hyogo
    679-2123, Japan

    TEL:079-264-5251  FAX:079-264-5206

  • Fukusaki Product Center (Logistics Department)

    908-1 Saiji, Fukusaki-cho Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo
    679-2215, Japan

    TEL:0790-24-3311  FAX:050-3153-1099